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Oil Recovery = ? Salvage

Isn’t the oil from the spill in the gulf recoverable?

If it isn’t, it should be. By applying maritime salvage rights, anyone who recovers the oil should be able to sell it back to BP. Most likly at a reduced rate.

If this were the case, every Tom, Dick and Jane would be out there recovering what ever they could. Everybody would be gathering what they could to make a buck.

I worked for Lockheed for a while. They had a machine called the Clean Sweep. It was a device engineered for the sole purpose of recovering spilt oil on water. It was a big deal when released, sold to a number of companies, and organizations. Then never heard about it since.

Everyone saw the news reporter dip his hand into the goo, pull it out, and had it covered in crude. This Clean Sweep worked under the same principle. It had a large rotating disk, maybe 7 feet in diameter. The disk would rotate while setting verticle in the water. The oil would collect on one side, then, as the disk rotated around, have it squegeed off the other.

Why aren’t we seeing these devices in action? Isn’t anyone trying to recover that oil?            Why not?


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