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Man, can I screw things up.

I wonder if the teacher reads the forums she created? I wonder if she reads the projects the students create? This blog is a classroom project. I have been introduced to blogging with, hosted blogging. I have been encouraged to do my own hosted blog via

We, the class, have our own server. We are to install WordPress on this server and do a blog.

This is where I screwed up. I installed WordPress on the server. When I tried to call up the blog, I got my HTML WEB project instead, a regular WEB page class project. Where is the blog? Using the local recommended FTP client, I saw that I had installed WordPress in the root directory, the same location as the WEB project. I should have created another directory and installed WordPress there. To fix this, I moved all the related WP files to the new directory.

So, I did that. Again, the blog didn’t show up when called. I should have changed the paths in the index files as well. Now things start getting gray here. Using the FTP client to view the contents of the root directory, I see that not only did I copy the related WP file, but all the files of each directory to the new directory. I had a duplication of files within two seperate directories. So to fix this, I started deleting files from the original root directory. The intent was to leave the WEB project intact, and have the WP files in the new directory.

Guess what, all the files left the root directory. No more WP files, and no more WEB project files as well. I was able to reload the WEB project back to the root, and this seems to be working OK now.

What to do next? WP still dosen’t load when called from the new directory. I think I should try to delete the new directory containing the WP files, and try reloading the WP applicatuion, paying attention as to where it is going. I need to put it in a seperate directory, seperate fromthe root.

We will see.


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