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My new ride is giving me problems

Rode to school last Friday. Noticed a water leak dribbling down between the cylinders. Looked up in the book to find a possible location. Found one. There are two coolant passages that run between the cylinder heads, one for the top end, and one for the sleeves. The passageway for the sleeves is leaking. Leaking during warm up.

Spend a half day Saturday trying to fix. I should be just a matter of tightening the clamp. The problem arises when I realized one cannot reach the clamp screw. There was no direct access to the screw. I could see it clearly, but a 1/4″ extension, with a U-joint, could not get to the screw.

The best I could do was to try to move the screw around the hose by taping on it. The intent was to move the screw to try to make the alignment more accessible. This did not work, as the clamp would not budge.

Finally, I gave up and put it all back together. Tried starting it up and let it warm up. Turns out my efforts made the problem worse. Now the leak is worse. The fix now involves removing component the are in the way – forward cylinder carburetor.

One possible solution exists, if I had a 7/32″ socket with a 15″ extension, a thin as possible extension, I might be able to reach the screw and get it to turn. Might try to find this type of tool some where.

If that doesn’t work, I am going have to disassemble the bike.

We’ll see.


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