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Final project, which consists of a 5 page (min) web site. Mine has 15 pages.

On one of the pages, I need to show locations of the various clubs in our district.

Once this is done, I need to show the location of each club. I intend to do this by having the user mouse over one of the clube names. Then a highlighted icon, of a little larger size will pop up at its location.

This effort will be two fold; one is to share URLs of the various clubs, and the other is to try to drum up a little business.

To address no. one; in an effort to promote not only our site, but communication between clubs, I thought it would be benifical to both clubs if we could post a link of each of our clubs on each site. I figure I could show an icon indicating which club has a web site, or just an email address.

No. two; I desire to move into this type of work. It would be nice if I could make some money doing it. I figure I could offer to set up the site for free, then charge for the maintenance of it.

We shall see.


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