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What did I learn today


Anyone hear of CSS RESET? New to me. Came across it today researching how to do mock-ups using Adobe Photoshop.

I have heard of star-hacks to deal with the IE 6 and earlier browsers. I did a little research and have come to the conclusion that I should be using Conditional Commenting instead. CC is more widespread accepted and probably last longer as browsers evolve.

What I think I will do is to combine CSS Reset with CC and make a template that will be inserted into all my sites.

I will create a css file called preset.css and include in it the start hack, as well as some of the other css that will make IE-7 and below compatible with Firefox and the other major browsers.

Then link this file using a CC = <!–[if IE]><link href=”css/this file” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” /><! [end if]–> Listed as one of the first linked css files. This should take care of the greater majority of the cross browser issue.

2nd thing I learned today; I am no way using Photoshop to do web comps. Way too difficult. I am a Adobe Illustrator man, and have been for about the past 10 years.

I will be using Illustrator to plan and lay up the mock-up for my website from now on.

Photoshop is for image manipulation.

See you next time I learn something.


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