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Pet Peeves

Do I have them = Yes.

My wife has here own business. Works from a makeshift room in the back end of a tandem garage space. She has a direct entrance to the outside. We built a porch in front of her shop. If you are interested to see what I’m talking about =

We have customers that come to our house for her business.

Do not park in, or block our driveway. I find it very frustrating trying to work both not to yell at the offender and not offending my wife by yelling at her customers.

Just today, as I am coming home, I see a customer park at the curb, half on the curb and half in front of our driveway. Right in front of my wife’s car. If Anita needed to move her car for any reason, this woman would be in the way. There was plenty of room on the curb to pull forward another 5 feet and clear the driveway altogether.

I wonder about the consideration some people have towards others.


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