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I used to play racquetball. I never liked playing the same person continuously.  I preferred to play the challenge games. This allowed you to walk into a new guy each game. If you played to 11, you had maybe 3 – 5 points to figure out this player. His weak points and his strong points. Then you needed to exploit this to get to 11 before he did.

I would like to use this concept in my work. I would like to take up temp jobs, 6 months or less. I figure after 1 to 2 years, I should have picked up various techniques that would raise my skill level to where I can take on any challenge offered.

The problem I’m having, is getting started.

My skill set is front end web development, and to a lesser extent, design. I have a personal site, and have done sites for organization on a pro bono basis. I have yet to do this professionally.


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