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The Suzuki is back.

Commuting to work about 3 weeks ago, the bike got really loud real quick. I found that the header pipe on the rear cylinder had cracked all the way around at the flange that mounts into the cylinder. Now I was running with a straight pipe on the rear cylinder.

Was able to ride it home, about 15 miles. There it sat while I searched for a replacement pipe. Nothing on CraigsList, nothing on the Marauder Yahoo Group I belong to. Found something on eBay. A salvage yard in Ohio had a full exhaust set for my year bike.

Asking $25. Cool, what a deal. Made a bid. It sat for 3 days, and I got a notification I was loosing the bid. Someone else wanted my pipes.     I raised my max bid, and so did he. To end this story, I maxed out at $106, plus $48 for shipping.

I guess it was OK, the dealer wanted $365 just for the one piece I wanted.  Not counting labor, I guess I saved some money.

Took 3 days to deliver, and got it on tonight. I will be riding tomorrow.

Now I have 2 sets of exhaust pipes for this bike I cannot use. Both are on CraigsList.

The Cobras are here ->  Ref:

Bottom line – I’m up again.


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