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Unemployed Again

It happened, I am now unemployed again.

I just finished month 13 of a 6 month contract. It went longer than I thought it would, which was a good thing.

When I first came in they said you have approx. 500 images to work. I took a look and came up with over 1000. The response was ‘wait a second, let us take a look and see what you have found’.  They said the 1000 images was filled with duplications, out of date images, and was not to be considered as viable. We will review the list and start sending you good images. I was fed new images each week.

I was then given my first extension, another 6 months. Then we found out that wasn’t enough, I was given another month. The story I was told was that the department I supported could not fund another extension. I was down to about the last dozen or so images anyway. I do not know what they will do with the last few images required.

Well, that then puts me back into the job market.


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