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I used to play racquetball. I never liked playing the same person continuously.  I preferred to play the challenge games. This allowed you to walk into a new guy each game. If you played to 11, you had maybe 3 – 5 points to figure out this player. His weak points and his strong points. Then you needed to exploit this to get to 11 before he did.

I would like to use this concept in my work. I would like to take up temp jobs, 6 months or less. I figure after 1 to 2 years, I should have picked up various techniques that would raise my skill level to where I can take on any challenge offered.

The problem I’m having, is getting started.

My skill set is front end web development, and to a lesser extent, design. I have a personal site, and have done sites for organization on a pro bono basis. I have yet to do this professionally.


Pet Peeves

Do I have them = Yes.

My wife has here own business. Works from a makeshift room in the back end of a tandem garage space. She has a direct entrance to the outside. We built a porch in front of her shop. If you are interested to see what I’m talking about =

We have customers that come to our house for her business.

Do not park in, or block our driveway. I find it very frustrating trying to work both not to yell at the offender and not offending my wife by yelling at her customers.

Just today, as I am coming home, I see a customer park at the curb, half on the curb and half in front of our driveway. Right in front of my wife’s car. If Anita needed to move her car for any reason, this woman would be in the way. There was plenty of room on the curb to pull forward another 5 feet and clear the driveway altogether.

I wonder about the consideration some people have towards others.

What did I learn today


Anyone hear of CSS RESET? New to me. Came across it today researching how to do mock-ups using Adobe Photoshop.

I have heard of star-hacks to deal with the IE 6 and earlier browsers. I did a little research and have come to the conclusion that I should be using Conditional Commenting instead. CC is more widespread accepted and probably last longer as browsers evolve.

What I think I will do is to combine CSS Reset with CC and make a template that will be inserted into all my sites.

I will create a css file called preset.css and include in it the start hack, as well as some of the other css that will make IE-7 and below compatible with Firefox and the other major browsers.

Then link this file using a CC = <!–[if IE]><link href=”css/this file” type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” /><! [end if]–> Listed as one of the first linked css files. This should take care of the greater majority of the cross browser issue.

2nd thing I learned today; I am no way using Photoshop to do web comps. Way too difficult. I am a Adobe Illustrator man, and have been for about the past 10 years.

I will be using Illustrator to plan and lay up the mock-up for my website from now on.

Photoshop is for image manipulation.

See you next time I learn something.

CCCOE/ROP Projects

WEB Site design

Final project, which consists of a 5 page (min) web site. Mine has 15 pages.

On one of the pages, I need to show locations of the various clubs in our district.

Once this is done, I need to show the location of each club. I intend to do this by having the user mouse over one of the clube names. Then a highlighted icon, of a little larger size will pop up at its location.

This effort will be two fold; one is to share URLs of the various clubs, and the other is to try to drum up a little business.

To address no. one; in an effort to promote not only our site, but communication between clubs, I thought it would be benifical to both clubs if we could post a link of each of our clubs on each site. I figure I could show an icon indicating which club has a web site, or just an email address.

No. two; I desire to move into this type of work. It would be nice if I could make some money doing it. I figure I could offer to set up the site for free, then charge for the maintenance of it.

We shall see.

Fixed the new ride

Had to pull the tank, remove the top carb , air filter, and the intake mount.

Then I was able to reach the hose clamp that was giving me trouble. I then tightened it, as well as some of the others I wasn’t able to reach either. Put the carb back on and its related components. then prior to remounting the tank, I started it up to see if the repairs worked. They did.

Then put the tank back on and took it for a spin.

No more leaks.


Man, can I screw things up.

I wonder if the teacher reads the forums she created? I wonder if she reads the projects the students create? This blog is a classroom project. I have been introduced to blogging with, hosted blogging. I have been encouraged to do my own hosted blog via

We, the class, have our own server. We are to install WordPress on this server and do a blog.

This is where I screwed up. I installed WordPress on the server. When I tried to call up the blog, I got my HTML WEB project instead, a regular WEB page class project. Where is the blog? Using the local recommended FTP client, I saw that I had installed WordPress in the root directory, the same location as the WEB project. I should have created another directory and installed WordPress there. To fix this, I moved all the related WP files to the new directory.

So, I did that. Again, the blog didn’t show up when called. I should have changed the paths in the index files as well. Now things start getting gray here. Using the FTP client to view the contents of the root directory, I see that not only did I copy the related WP file, but all the files of each directory to the new directory. I had a duplication of files within two seperate directories. So to fix this, I started deleting files from the original root directory. The intent was to leave the WEB project intact, and have the WP files in the new directory.

Guess what, all the files left the root directory. No more WP files, and no more WEB project files as well. I was able to reload the WEB project back to the root, and this seems to be working OK now.

What to do next? WP still dosen’t load when called from the new directory. I think I should try to delete the new directory containing the WP files, and try reloading the WP applicatuion, paying attention as to where it is going. I need to put it in a seperate directory, seperate fromthe root.

We will see.

My new ride is giving me problems

Rode to school last Friday. Noticed a water leak dribbling down between the cylinders. Looked up in the book to find a possible location. Found one. There are two coolant passages that run between the cylinder heads, one for the top end, and one for the sleeves. The passageway for the sleeves is leaking. Leaking during warm up.

Spend a half day Saturday trying to fix. I should be just a matter of tightening the clamp. The problem arises when I realized one cannot reach the clamp screw. There was no direct access to the screw. I could see it clearly, but a 1/4″ extension, with a U-joint, could not get to the screw.

The best I could do was to try to move the screw around the hose by taping on it. The intent was to move the screw to try to make the alignment more accessible. This did not work, as the clamp would not budge.

Finally, I gave up and put it all back together. Tried starting it up and let it warm up. Turns out my efforts made the problem worse. Now the leak is worse. The fix now involves removing component the are in the way – forward cylinder carburetor.

One possible solution exists, if I had a 7/32″ socket with a 15″ extension, a thin as possible extension, I might be able to reach the screw and get it to turn. Might try to find this type of tool some where.

If that doesn’t work, I am going have to disassemble the bike.

We’ll see.