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The Beast

Man, if I didn’t like riding motorcycle so much, this commute would get tired fast.
Each morning I dread the 56 mile commute.
About 20 miles in, I feel great. Zipping and zooming around the turns, making that bike purr.
Nothing like doing a 90 degree turn and accelerating out of it at max throttle.
There a couple of S turns just before I get to work that are rather pleasant to take at the speed limit of 35mph, but a blast at 85.


My new ride

VZ800 Marauder with windshield

VZ800 Marauder with windshield

Didn’t really care for this bike until I got this windshield. I used to be all pretzeled up riding into the wind. Now I can lay back and enjoy the view.

Now it is my main ride. I am currently a full time student. My commute is 30 miles one way. Taking the back roads from Pleasant Hills to Brentwood is quite the ride.

I used to work in Milpitas, and commuted from Brentwood. That was a ride. That also was before I had the shield.

Well worth the money.